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Accessories for the B1


B1 cart base

B1 Cart base
The basic cart is heavy gauge, powder coated steel. It has large locking casters. The grill drops in and is secured with four bolts. The bottom shelf is epoxy coated expanded metal. The locking casters lock them from rolling and from swivelling.

Dimensions:     23.5"w x 22" d x 24"h

Bottom Shelf:   22"w x 18"d (Note 1)

Casters:          3.5" dia wheels (Note 2)

Weight:           35 lbs. 




B1 side worktable



B1 Side worktable

The side worktable bolts to the side of the grill. Includes two tool hooks and a storage area to use while grilling.

The worktable is designed to securely mount a 15 x 20 inch commercial quality cutting board.

You can use more cutting boards, to serve or to shuttle food from the kitchen. You can even employ the color coding system that fine restaurants use. Here is a link to the company that supplies our cutting boards if you want to get serious about this aspect of food safety:    






B1 Skewer rack


B1 Skewer rack

This custom skewer rack replaces the cooking grate (why would you want that in the way?) and mounts directly into the firebox of the grill. It accepts our special bladed skewers. The bladed skewer keeps the food from spinning as you turn it, and the slots in the rack prevent the skewers from rolling around. The food does not have to be perfectly balanced, as the rack allows you to rotate each skewer in 90° increments.

Width:        22 inches (56 cm)

Depth:        14 inches (36)

Skewers:     16 inches (41)

Weight:       5 lbs.

Material:      304 Stainless Steel

Capacity:     Nine skewers

Ships with:   Six skewers



B1 Charcoal grill with built in base


B1 Built-in base

The grill has a universal mounting arrangement that allows you to mount your grill into an outdoor counter, island or standalone pedestal.

The grill will be roughly 5 inches higher on the base.

Dimensions:        22.75"w x 17.25"d x 5.25"h

Weight:              38 lbs. 

Tool hooks:         Two




B1 Slow cook rack for smoking and slow cooking


B1 Slow-cook rack

Slow cook rack fits down insde the firebox to allow you to smoke turkeys, beer can chickens, roasts and other large items. You remove the top cooking grate to use the slow cook rack and will have 14 inches of clearance under the hood.

Width   :         10 inches (25 cm)

Depth:            17 inches (43)

Clearance:     14 inches (36)

Weight:          2 lbs. 

Material:        304 Stainless Steel 



B1 Rotisserie Kit   COMING SOON

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