Precision engineered charcoal grills





2 Minute video: 
Lighting the charcoal

This video demonstrates the basic technique for lighting the charcoal inside the grill using only crumpled newspaper. It lights fast, clean and safe. There is no starter fluid to ruin the food's taste, and no handling red-hot starter chimneys.




2 Minute video: 
Basic two-zone grilling

Here we demonstrate the basic direct grilling procedure for meats, fish and vegetables. In this setup, you have a direct heat zone over the coals and an indirect zone for the food to rest while it finishes cooking and re-absorbs juices.

In this video we light enough charcoal for a typical meal for four. You can certainly light more. Follow these instructions, then spread it out for a full bed of coals across the entire grilling surface.








3 Minute video: 
Slow cooking (smoking)

This video demonstrates roasting a chicken inside the grill on the slow cook rack. We used Hickory wood chips to generate smoke and a dry rub for seasoning. This burn was almost three hours long without adding charcoal.

This chicken was moist, smokey and full of flavor. This is the standard technique for turkey, roasts, and the traditional barbecue standards. 







4 Minute video: 

This video demonstrates several key features of the grill by showing you how to grill pizza: (1) the two-zone fire to get the crust perfect, (2) the heat control lever, (3) using the grill with the cover open and closed, and (4) the "workflow" across the grill from side shelf to hot zone to warm zone.

Pizza requires some fairly advanced techniques, but is well worth the effort to figure it out. You can download the recipe for charcoal-grilled pizza here.

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