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Unpacking the Grill
The grill comes assembled and strapped to a wooden pallet. All you have to do is pop in the casters and wheel it away. Even so, we recommend that you have some help getting it off the pallet. It's not THAT heavy, but it is awkward and we can't really make it any lighter without compromising quality.

We do all of the complicated assembly work and aligment at the factory, so your parts go together quickly. Drop in the four grates, the ash pan, and fire it up! You'll be grilling in less than an hour.

The pallet is new wood and can be used for garden stakes, furniture or a nice little recreational fire.


"The new grill is GREAT! The materials and construction are top quality and it does everything as advertised.

The coals are ready in 12 minutes
and I had it hold a steady 375° for 4 hours when I did some ribs Monday. I did some shish kebobs Sunday and they came out great as well.

I bought the shish kebob rack and the slow cooker rack and I got the cover for it too.

All of the accessories are made of heavy gauge material, even the vinyl cover!

The grill came fully assembled on a pallet to a local trucking company. I picked it up with my truck, they loaded it on with a fork lift.

They delivered it in 2 days from German. It shipped on Wednesday and it was ready for pickup on Friday."

George K.
Customer from Louisiana

Shipping & Delivery Options
Shipping rates are high ... but not because of us. The shipping charges on your order are calculated instantaneously by our shippers. We simply pass them through.

Standard Shipping (This price is calculated at checkout):
The freight charges are calculated to the nearest freight depot (usually in your zip code). We ship it "hold and notify" to somewhere near you. When it arrives in your area, the freight company will call you to come get it. You need a full size van or pickup truck, but the freight company will load it for you. It will not fit into a SUV and you will need help to get it down to the ground once you get it home. It weighs around 250 pounds. We recommend at least three people to unload. You don't want to drop it, and please don't hurt yourself.
You can also have the grill delivered to your place of business or any other location as long as you have a loading dock or a forklift available. There is no extra charge for delivery to a location with a dock or fork lift. You can NOT unload this grill from a large freight truck manually. The driver will NOT help you try. Without a lift gate, it's too heavy, and the trucking company will not allow it for safety reasons.

Residential Delivery Option ($100 extra charge):
If you can't borrow a truck and a couple of big guys or ship to a business location, choose the Residential Delivery option and we'll get it delivered right to your doorstep. We have to charge more if you want the grill shipped to your house because the freight forwarder has to transfer the grill to a smaller truck with hydraulic lift gate. They always charge us more than $100 dollars for this, but we will absorb any charges above the $100.00 residential delivery fee. If in doubt, pay the hundred bucks and don't hurt yourself or damage the grill.


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International Shipping
German Grill is happy to ship most of our products to locations outside the United States, however, these deliveries require additional charges. A customer service representative will contact you within one to three business days after your order to provide a final shipping quote before your order is finalized, or any charges are applied to your credit card.

When placing your order, please be sure to include an email address or fax number so we can contact you with a quote.

Please be aware that our quotes for shipping outside the U.S. and Puerto Rico do not include any applicable duty, value added taxes (VAT), or import consumption taxes. You will be required to pay the duty or VAT upon delivery of your merchandise. Due to import duty valuation adjustments and currency valuations, we cannot provide an estimate for duty or VAT.

Please inspect your item(s) for damage prior to signing the delivery receipt. Damages must be described in writing on the receipt at the time of delivery.
Deliveries are typically made within 2 weeks of ordering and will arrive using a standard shipping company that we choose based on experience.
Smaller and lighter products, such as grill covers and utensil sets, will be delivered via UPS, and will be packaged with your grill for simultaneous delivery if they are ordered at the same time.