Precision engineered charcoal grills


These testimonials were unsolicited.

In other words, our customers liked the product so much that they sent us a nice letter or email even though we did not ask them to do it.



"You guys have de-bugged

charcoal grilling!"

Derrick R. —
professional grill designer


"You can read all the cookbooks you want, but y
ou can't do serious cookin' on a kettle. This thing is the real deal!"

Daryl P. —
Owner of a barbecue catering business


"I am a delighted customer!!!"

Charles P —
Customer from Reno, NV


"This thing is MILITARY GRADE!"

Nate B. —
Officer, USMC, San Diego, CA


"In terms of metal charcoal grills this will be the last one I ever buy. Construction is solid, and, for the most part, it is well thought out."

Glen P. —
Professional online chef, Toronto, Canada



"Best thing I've seen at the show!"

Comment from a competitor at the 2008 HPB Expo in Atlanta.

Vesta industry award 2008
We went on to win the Best New Product award at the show that year.


"Thanks. I love it!
I have a $8,000 gas grill and I don't think I'll ever use it again!
Your grill has spoiled me."

John F. —
Orthopedic surgeon, MD, Professor, Chicago, IL


"I didn't know you could grill so many different foods on a charcoal grill ... this thing opened up a whole new world of great food for us."

Ron R. —
Small business owner & amateur chef




 "... my wife said [the quality] reminds her of her German car..."

Keith B. —
Customer from Richmond, Virginia


"... it's an awesome grill!"

Mike M. —
Manager of a high-end kitchenware store (who bought two grills)


"Don't touch my German Grill!"

Nancy N. —
President of a local gourmet club
(who also bought two grills)


"I love this thing! I bought one for my mother who had never grilled before. She uses it constantly! Thanks."

Robin A. —
Customer who calls to talk grilling
New York, NY


"The grill got here just fine. It's very well protected for shipment. I'm amazed at the quality. I should have got the vinyl cover right away because I can see that I am going to want to protect this one!"

Mike McC. —
Customer, Boston


"P. S. We love the grill!!!!
We have been grilling every day since we received it. Great design and quality of manufacture. It matches my Lynx gas grill."

Jose V. —
Mechanical Engineer, Los Angeles, CA



"I love this grill – I have cooked everything I can think of on it. From jerky to fajitas. Wow!"

Jim B.  —
Customer from Louisiana


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Thank you all for your kind support.