Precision engineered charcoal grills




Photos of the B1 Grill



 The grill is designed like commercial quality cooking equipment
Built like commercial quality cooking equipment


 A closeup photo of the hand-welded cooking grate
Hand welded 304 stainless steel cooking grate is bullet proof


 The slow cook rack set up inside the grill
The slow cook rack for smoking roasts, birds and ribs


 The lever on the side raises and lowers the charcoal fire inside the grill
A smooth lever on the side controls the heat of the fire


 The B1 charcoal grill is designed to go with nice backyard furniture
Nice enough to fit the decor of any deck or patio 


 All hardware is stainless. Components are heavy gauge.
All vents and hardware are stainless marine-grade


 The custom skewer rack replaces the cooking grate
Custom skewer rack for shish kabob and satay grilling


 Cooking grate can be removed for cleaning or to access the fire.
The cooking grate flips up for easy cleaning and it's removable


 The B1 charcoal grill with cover open and side shelf attached.
The grill can be built into an island or outdoor kitchen


 The custom side shelf with removable commercial quality cutting board, tool hooks, and cubby
The side work table has a commercial grade cutting board, and a cubby for tools


 The cooking grate hangs from two hooks on the side of the grill when not in use.
The cooking grate stores on hooks on the side of the grill


 A heavy gauge stainless steel pan catches the ashes at the bottom of the grill.
Removable stainless ash pan catches all the messiness

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